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Now that we’ve entered April, Tax Day is quickly approaching. If you haven’t filed your tax return yet, NOW is the time to get the process rolling!

First, make sure you have all the forms you need. If you don’t, start tracking them down immediately so you still have a little bit of time to file your taxes.
Second, find your preferred way to file. If you have questions on whether you should file online or find a tax professional, check out our recent post here. Keep in mind that filing online, or electronically, is a faster process.
Third, double check everything! Last minute preparation may make you rush and could cause simple errors to occur. Take the time to make sure everything is correct before you submit.
Lastly, consider filing for an extension. Be aware that an extension only allows you additional time to complete your filing; it does not extend the date your taxes are due if you owe additional taxes. It’s better to complete filing your taxes and enter into a payment plan, if you can, instead of not completing your tax return and risking a penalty fee.

For more information and tips for filing taxes, make sure to visit or visit your tax professional.

Now that you have these tips – get busy and remember how stressful last-minute filing is so you can try not to procrastinate again next year!

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St. Patrick’s Day is here and it’s got us thinking of all things green
...grass (it might actually be green soon!)

…drinks and beer (especially today!)
…and money (our favorite topic!)

While we’re thinking of all this green, here’s a few simple ways to help you save some of yours!

  • Cut back on dining out
    -It all adds up! Make going out to restaurants a special occasion, not just every day for lunch or multiple suppers a week out. Pack lunches or make supper at home; not only does it save money, it’s usually healthier for you, too!
  • Stop those expensive, bad-for-you habits
    -We understand that some things are just a harder to cut back on than others, especially our bad habits that we may have including smoking and excessive drinking. Save some money and cut back!
  • Shop secondhand
    -Visiting either rummage sales or discount, second-hand apparel stores is a great way to not spend as much on your attire. It is getting to be quite the norm for great, still in great condition clothes to find their ways into these stores – and at quite a discount from what you’d pay new.
  • Start couponing
    -When shopping, use coupons, store fliers and emails, and special discount days to your advantage. Just don’t buy items you don’t need!
  • Public Transportation
    -When you can and where it’s available, take public transportation like buses. Another way to save on those high vehicle and fueling costs is to dig that old bike out of the shed or just walk to your destinations.

With these simple tips that you can start today, you’ll be saving more of your green before you know it!

Have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at CreditSoup!

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There’s nothing quite like the awful feeling of going to the grocery store, picking up all your necessities, getting to the register, quickly realizing this was no cheap trip…and then remembering you’ll have to do it all again next week. We feel your pain; so here are a few quick tips to hopefully reduce your grocery bill each trip!

  • Make Lists
    -Don’t go into the grocery store without a plan! Keep yourself to only what you have on your list. You’ll find that you spend much less than when you just start browsing the aisles.
  • Eat before you shop
    -Nothing is more tempting than going grocery shopping on a
    n empty stomach – everything looks good! Eat a good meal before you go shopping; it could prevent you from those impulse purchases.
  • Couponing
    -The key with couponing is to not go overboard. They can be appealing, but there is no need to buy something you really don’t need – just because you have a coupon. It’s really not a deal if you buy something that’s $2 off when you wouldn’t have bought it in the first place.  
  • Generics
    -Generics or store brands are much, much cheaper than the name brand items, and are usually just as good!
  • Use your calculator
    -Grab your cellphone and figure out if the bigger packaged items really are a better deal than the smaller boxes. It may just be a few cents different, but it all adds up!

Hopefully these few tips can help you save a little dough on your next grocery store outing!

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Consumers, tax season is upon us. Are you still trying to decide whether to file your taxes yourself or to visit a professional? Here’s our quick guidelines to help you make the decision and get your taxes done before April 15th!

Filing On Your Own
We suggest filing online if you:

  • Have no investments, you don’t own a business, have a simple return, or have no major changes since the last time you filed

Options: Some great online options include TurboTax, FreeTaxUSA, eSmart Tax, TaxACT, or H&R Block.

Going to a Pro
We suggest finding a tax professional if you:

  • Have recently gone through some big life changes, such as you bought/sold a home, cashed out investments, got married/divorced, or are expecting a more complex return with your situation

Options: Reach out in your community to find the tax professional your friends, family, or coworkers trust with their taxes.

Just remember that each option has its own pros and cons, but it all comes down to what you are most comfortable with when it comes to your taxes. Happy Tax Season! 


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Whether it’s a snow day or just a cold weekend, it can be difficult to entertain yourself and children for the long hours you may be cooped up indoors during the latest cold spell or blizzard. Remember, you don’t need to leave the warmth of your house, or spend a lot of money, to have a good time!

Game Day
Gather up all those board games you have collecting dust in your closets and challenge your family to a few games. A lot of games can also be educational – a plus for children while they might be missing school!

Indoor Obstacle Courses and Forts
Building simple obstacle courses for kids can easily be conquered with what you already have in your house. Use chairs, cushions, laundry baskets, cups, and toys you already have to make a fun path for kids to follow. Use your imagination to help the kids use up their endless energy! Another easy activity would be to use the furniture and blankets to create indoor forts. An even easier idea? Set up your tent in the living room!

Movie Marathon
Gather a few of your favorite films, popcorn, and some blankets and enjoy a relaxing day on your couch with your friends, family, or just yourself!

Crafts or Baking
Why not use the extra supplies in your house to make something new! Search through Pinterest to find fun easy crafts to make out of what you already have. Turn baking into a game – using what you have available, research recipes that use those ingredients, and then choose which recipe turned out the best.

Take advantage of these days to spend with your children or friends; mixing and matching these different ideas can make a dull snow day into a day that you won’t forget anytime soon!

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